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Make sure you check this page if you are absent. It is also a good idea to check in preparation for the Friday quizzes.  If you miss a quiz or test you will have until the following Friday to make it up.

22 March

farmers in late 19th century faced many problems
    railroads and shipping rates
    declining prices for crops and high interest rates
    on loans
         deflation is a general decline in prices and
         value of a dollar goes up- problem for
         farmers in late 1800s
    inflation means general rise in prices
1890s a new political party starts
     People's Party (Populist Party)
          mostly farmers
          two major goals
                 have government own the railroads
                 to solve deflation problem they wanted
                 more money put into circulation
      actually elected people to office in Congress
      and at the state level in some states  

get "History of Populism" article
21 March

finished slides
write a description of each of these things
   Amanche Internment Camp
   Trail Ridge Road
   center pivot sprinkler

drawing time-  Make a  series of drawings or a complete scene that includes the following items.  Pages 422-423 should help along with the links below.
    McCormick reaper
   walking plow   plow picture
   train      train picture
   sod house
   barbed wire

get chapter 13 study guide

20 March

the west
    starts around 98 degrees west
    high in elevation
    few trees except along some streams, in the
    mountains, and in yards
    sparsely populated

watched west slides

write a description of each of these things
    Ft. Clatsop
    Battle of the Little Big Horn
    prairie dogs
    Bonneville Dam
    Bonneville Salt Flats
    Yellowstone National Park
    Old Faithful
    Dinosaur National Park
    Cripple Creek CO
17 March

 make up quiz by Friday the 24th
write two pages taking the opposite view as your essay
start reading chapter 13

16 March

worked on essays in class
quiz tomorrow- focus will be Reconstruction
new states are TX, OK, KS. NE. SD and ND

15 March

essay due Friday
do not ignore conflicting evidence
      show that conflicting evidence is wrong
      show conflicting evidence is minimal

write a half page paragraph that addresses the essay prompt

Lincoln was a great president who did ... (Shmoe, p87)

tomorrow- work time on essays with computers

14 March

snow day and Pi Day

13 March

worked on Civil War leadership essay
get articles for essay
be prepared to be here tomorrow and be prepared to not be here

9 March

new tech in CW
   bullet and rifled barrel
   Gatling gun
   iron clads
Ft. Sumter
   first shooting of the war
    as a result the preliminary Emancipation
    Proclamation was issued
    turning point of the war
    biggest battle
    union victory
    last major Confederate stronghold on the
    Mississippi River
Appomattox Court House
     General Lee surrendered to General Grant

24 February and 6 March

civil war- war within a country
Civil War- specific war within a specific country
    our case the war between N and S
Why might southerners not like the term Civil War?
      South claimed to be an independent country
      Southern words for the war
           War Between the States
            War for Southern Independence
           War for Secession
           War of Northern Aggression
North                         South

Union                         Confederacy
USA                           CSA
blue                            gray and red
Yankees                      Rebels
Grant                          Lee
Billy Yank                  Johnny Reb
Battle Hymn of the Republic
advantages and disadvantages

more supplies             some British sympathy
bigger population       more reason to fight
bigger army and navy
Britain did not help South

goal of the South was to secede and form own country

goal of the North was to keep the country together

first shooting of the war
     Charleston SC
     Ft. Sumter
     SC fired on US fort

Anaconda Plan
   blockade southern ports
   control the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers
   attack Richmond
   was the US (north) plan to defeat the South

border states
     slave states that did not secede
     KY, MD, DE, MO, and later WV        

check the Civil War page of the blog for homework due tomorrow
23 February

fun-filled compromises unit test

22 February

complete slavery compromises worksheet- on the blog

21 February

turn in time line and compromises write-ups part 2
get review sheet for the test- on the Compromises page of the blog
Who won the 1860 presidential election?
What is the difference between free-soilers and abolitionists?
New England Emigrant Aid Company
     abolitionists from New England went to Kansas to vote against slavery
     not real compromise- they were not willing
Bleeding Kansas
      late 1850s
      people who went to KS to vote for or against slavery often ended up fighting
      a few hundred were killed
Crittenden Compromise
     a last attempt by Senator Crittendon of Kentucky (just like Henry Clay) to find a 
    compromise between North and South-  it did not work

20 February

Who are the Grimke sisters?
Who was William Lloyd Garrison and what was the Liberator?
What did the North get and what did the South get int he Compromise of 1850?
Define popular sovereignty.
Explain the Kansas-Nebraska Act.

16 February

Complete the territorial expansion worksheet that was handed out at the end of class yesterday.

Manifest Destiny
     the US would extend coast to coast
geography tomorrow will be the states east of the Mississippi River
What was the the western boundary of the US from 1783-1803?

15 February

status quo ante bellum
    going back to the conditions before the war
    what the Treaty of Ghent did which ended the War of 1812

tariff is a tax on imports
revenue tariff
    designed to raise money for the Federal gov.
protective tariff
    is a higher tariff
    makes foreign made goods more expensive
    protects US manufacturers
most factories in 1800s in North
generally folks in the North liked higher tariffs
generally folks in the South didn't
1828 Tariff of Abominations (southern term)
    protective tariff
1832 tariffs went higher
1833 compromise tariff to lower them over time

get 1783, 1803 and 1840s maps

industrial revolution
     1820s-1830s or so in the US- earlier in the UK
     going from hand made at home or small shops to machine made in factories with water power

8 February

library time for projects
Have compromises group part of project done by tomorrow.  This was your Blizzard Bag assignment.

            7 February

                  Blizzard Bag day

6 February

Rev. battles
   Lexington and Concord
      first shooting of the war
      Washington and army crossed the
       Delaware River and won
      big psychological victory
       big American victory so French agreed to
       help US
       last major battle
       US and French win
War over- Treaty of Paris 1783
essay on British government was correct
   intro with a thesis statement
   three examples from worksheet
   go in chronological order
   due Wednesday
Articles of Confederation
    US government before the Constitution
    weak central government
    1781 (I think)-1787

watched musket demonstration video- see Compromises page
     write a summary

Olive Branch Petition
     attempt by the colonies patch things up between the colonies and Britain
Jefferson and slavery in the Declaration
     TJ included a comlaint about the King establishing slavery in the colonies and some
     members of Congress complained- especially the folks from South Carolina- TJ
    agreed to pull references to slavery from the Dec. of Ind.
3 February

Declaration of Independence
    mostly written by Thomas Jefferson
    adopted 4 July 1776
    explain why the colonies were breaking away
    from Britain
    most of the Dec. is complaint about the King
make up quiz    
worked on group projects
have book covered by Monday

2 February

Explain why the colonists went from loyal to the British king in 1763 to shooting at British soldiers in 1775.
complete pre Revolution handout
figured out groups and topics for projects
quiz and homework due tomorrow

1 February

complete French and Indian War worksheet and maps
handed out compromises project information
rivers were highways due to lack of good ground transportation

31 January

hand out books

  1. a country or area under the full or partial political control of another country, typically a distant one, and occupied by settlers from that country.
    synonyms: settlement · dependency · protectorate · satellite · territory · outpost · 
        colony was established to benefit the mother
 first European country to settle in what is now
the US
    Spain- St. Augustine  FL in 1565

You will take a test in June on the fifty states, five Great Lakes, ten cities and 14 rivers.  I expect several 100s.

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