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Make sure you check this page if you are absent. It is also a good idea to check in preparation for the Friday quizzes.  If you miss a quiz or test you will have until the following Friday to make it up.

You will take a test in June on the fifty states, five Great Lakes, ten cities and 15 rivers.  I expect several 100s.

21 March

watched Heartland
read article on Elinore Pruitt Stewart and write a summary and reaction
     This article would make interesting reading for those of you who were here to see the film as it
     tells more about her than what was in the film.  It also shows the real story that is a bit different
    from the movie.

    The link to the article is on the Industrialization Unit page.

20 March

cool things in chapter 16
     Quannah Parker
     Little Big Horn
     Ft. Laramie treaties
     Dawes Act
     Homestead Act
     Carlisle Indian School
     barb wire
     cattle drives
     impact of railroads
     Nicodemus KS
     sod houses
     mining in the Black Hills, the Sierra Nevada and Colorado
     wild west shows
     Mormon question

19 March

trip out west
write a descriptive paragraph about each of these places
          Yellowstone National Park, Ft. Mandan, Ft. Clatsop, Bonneville Salt Flats

read chapter 16

16 March

enjoyed the play and a contest
read chapter 16

15 March

econ- study of how societies satisfy unlimited wants with limited resources

capitalism- econ system in which individuals own the means of production, private business, price determined by supply and demand, basically what the US has

socialism- government owned means of production

robber baron- usually not nice term for very rich business owner, ruthless competition 

trust- business organization that combines several companies under one management team usually resulting in less competition

depression- severe economic downturn, high unemployment

vertical integration- a business controlling several steps in the production of a product

14 March

the west
     begins at 98 degrees west
     few trees except in the mountains, yard, and
     along some streams
     high in elevation
     outside of cities it is very sparsely populated
12 March

new states are ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, and TX

get primary sources and write a summary of each
complete Reconstruction questions handout which can be found on the Civil War page

7 March

Hundreds of thousands of men were needed to fight in the war.  At first many were excited to join the armies on both sides.  This enthusiasm was not enough with the result being that neither side could continue to rely solely on volunteers.  When the number of volunteers fell both sides relied on conscription, or drafting men into the war.  Of course rich folks could avoid the war.  In the North a man could pay $300 to avoid being drafted.  In the South owning twenty slaves or more would exempt you from the draft.  Overall most soldiers were volunteers.

To pay for the war both sides borrowed a great deal.  The North instituted an income tax and both sides had tariffs in imports.  Of course with the blockade there was limited trade in the South.  The Confederacy also resorted to printing money which led to disastrous inflation.

Question #28 refers to how they paid for the war.

border states were slave states that did not secede
     MD, DE, MO, KY, and later WV

Ft. Sumter
     first shooting of the Civil War
Bull Run
      first major battle of the war
      Confederate victory
      bloodiest single day of the war
      close enough to a Union victory
      Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation
      biggest battle
      some call it the turning point of the war
      big victory for North
      Union victory
      basically gave the North control of the
      Mississippi River
Appomattox Court House
       Lee Surrendered to Grant

new technologies
      Hunley (submarine)
      observation balloons
      rifled muskets
quiz on Friday- homework due too

6 March

advantages of the North
      President Lincoln
      established government
      more industry
      more people
      world opinion generally against slavery
      more soldiers
      more farms
      larger navy
advantages of the South
      cotton which turned out not as important as
      Confederates had hoped
      some very limited help from Britain
      home field advantage
      some historians say S had better generals
      more of a reason to fight

goal of South was to break away form their own
country and maintain slavery

goal of the N was to keep the country together

Which side had to go on the offensive?  N
homework due Friday

5 March

new states for Friday's quiz
      MN, IA, MO, AR, LA, IL and WI

civil war-war within a nation

Civil War- refers to US civil war 1861-1865

North                           South

USA                             Confederate States of 
                                     America  (CSA)
blue                              gray/red
President Lincoln         President Jefferson Davis
Washington DC            Richmond
General Ulysses S Grant
                                      General Robert E. Lee
General Sherman          General "Stonewall"
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Yankees                         Rebels
Billy Yank                     Johnny Reb

listened to a cool song- Johnny Reb

23 February

write a paragraph or two about Independence Hall in Philadelphia
same for the USS Olympia and USS Becuna

22 February

compromises test

19 February

explain the following:
       Compromise of 1850
       Kansas-Nebraska Act
       popular sovereignty
       New England Emigrant Aid Company
       Bleeding Kansas

Crittenden Compromise
      North and South
      last ditch attempt to prevent a civil war- it did
      not work

compromises part two and timeline due tomorrow      

16 February

get review sheet for Tuesday's test- on the home page of the blog
explain:  William Lloyd Garrison and the Liberator 
               the Missouri Compromise

15 February

complete map and chart

Manifest Destiny
      the idea that the US would spread to the west

Webster-Ashburton Treaty
    between the US and Britain
    settled the border between the US and British Canada- area of Maine, New Hampshire and Min

Oregon Treaty
     between the US and Britain
     settled border between the US and Canada in the Pacific Northwest

14 February

new states for Friday's quiz are MS, AL, TN and MI

complete 1803 map- Louisiana Purchase

What was the Year With No Summer?
             year with no summer information

Battle of New Orleans song
What other song did we talk about that was related to the War of 1812?
            info about that poem/song

War of 1812
     between the US and Britain
     Treaty of Ghent 1814 ended the war but Battle of New Orleans fought three weeks later due
     to slow communication.
     status quo ante bellum means going back to the conditions that existed before the war- which
     means no land lost by either side

tariff- tax on imports
general rule the North liked higher tariffs
     made imports more expensive
     people would buy US made stuff
South usually wanted lower tariffs
1828 Tariff of Abominations- high tariffs
1832 higher tariffs
1833 compromise tariff lowered tariffs over several years

Turn in compromises part 1.

13 February

US bought the Louisiana Territory in 1803 from
strict construction (interpretation)
      Jefferson's idea
      government can only do exactly what Const. 
      if Const. doesn't say gov. can do it then they
      makes for a weak central gov.
loose construction (interpretation) 
      if Const. doesn't forbid it then gov. can do it
      makes for a stronger central gov.     
trade compromises
     part of the Constitution
     between North and South
     South wanted no restrictions on slave trade (importation of slaves)
                            no tariffs on exports
                            2/3 vote on trade legislation (in Congress)
     North wanted to be able to restrict slave trade
                            a simple majority vote on trade legislation
     compromise was importing slaves could not be banned before 1808
                                 no tax on exports
                                 simple majority vote on trade legislation
looked at drawings about life around 1800
compromises part one due tomorrow

12 February

complete 1783 map
explain the significance of these battles
      Lexington and Concord
4 July 1776
Articles of Confederation
     US government before the Constitution
     weak central government
explain what and when these events were
     Olive Branch Petition
     3/5 compromise
     Great Compromise
    Assumption Bill (Compromise of 1790)
compromises part one worksheet is due Wednesday
go to the compromises page and watch the musket demonstration video- then write a summary

8 February

worked in library
quiz tomorrow
essay due tomorrow
Olive Branch Petition people be read tomorrow

7 February

Enjoy your snow day.  The British government was right essay is now due Friday.

6 February

worked on compromise projects in the library

5 February

complete pre-Revolution events worksheet
went over new states for Friday's quiz- listed on unit sheet

2 February

make up quiz
check for new states for next Friday's quiz
get handout on compromises project

1 February

quiz tomorrow
map homework due tomorrow
1754 and 1763 maps
French and Indian War
     between the French and the British
     George Washington and his men basically started the war with a confrontation with the
     French near what is now Pittsburgh PA
     Wolfeboro is named for British war hero General James Wolfe who won at the battle at
     Quebec- he died in the process
     French lost their land in North America
     Ben Franklin said colonists were very loyal to the British government

What was the first European country to have a permanent colony in what is now the United States?

How could it be said that General Wolfe's victory at Quebec in 1759 led to the American Revolution?

Read chapter 5; all the cool kids are doing it.

30 January 2018

handed out unit sheet and map homework
map homework due Friday
complete pretest
looked at artifacts
        turnbuckle made in Wolfeboro
        computer punch card
        8 track tape
talked about different things included in history
        world wars- maybe more than 2
        government action
        economic conditions
        the way people lived- see artifacts above
looked at the blog    
When was George Washington born and why you should be able to get within fifteen years of the correct answer.    

read chapter 5

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